Female Infertility

Female infertility is a condition defined as women trying to get pregnant with frequent, unprotected sexual intercourse for more than a year with no success.


Overview about infertility in women

Intrauterine insemination is a commonly used ART procedure which is used to assist couples in conceiving. The IUI cycles are recommended for couples facing sexual disorders, hostile cervical conditions, ovulatory disorders.  During this procedure, the female partner is given medication to stimulate follicular development and growth. The Estrogen released helps to thicken the endometrium (less than 7mm). The semen sample is collected from the male partner and washed to remove any bad sperms and is prepared by embryologists. These sperms are then released into the uterine cavity of the female partner for implantation and further growth and development.

Who is recommended for infertility tests?

The treatment regime which is recommended by an Infertility Specialist is dependent upon the age, type of infertility and duration. Certain women benefit with medication or some therapy to restore their fertility, others may need many different types of fertility treatments to achieve the desired result.

Diagnosed reproductive system issues

Women who have recently been diagnosed with any sort of reproductive organ problem must get in touch with the infertility expert. These issues can be blockage of fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts, and any problem related to the uterus.

Heavy Menstruation

If a woman is experiencing heavy menstruation problems or irregular periods i.e. missed periods, it is essential to consider visiting the infertility expert. It is one of the signs for infertility and there may be a requirement of treatment or medication.

Recurrent miscarriages

When a woman has the history of recurrent miscarriages, then it is recommended to get the female fertility test done. Doctors would be able to diagnose the problem on time and can offer the treatment or medication required.

Infertility testing process

Infertility testing process involves a general physical exam comprising gynecological assessment. But there is a process followed to identify the infertility process:

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The first step is a blood test that helps in measuring the levels of hormones to detect whether a woman is ovulating or not.

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Hysterosalpingography is a test that helps in evaluating the situation of a female uterus that includes fallopian tube blockage and other issues. There is the injection of X-ray contrast into the uterus to identify if the cavity is normal or not.

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This test is initiated to identify the egg's quantity for ovulation and is usually done at the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

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In this test, a fertility doctor involves using the combination of tests that includes Follicle stimulating hormone or FSH, Luteinizing hormone or LH, and Anti-Mullerian hormone or AMH. These tests are performed mainly when a female has crossed 33 years of age and is facing signs of infertility like blocked fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts etc.

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Pelvic ultrasound test is initiated to detect the uterine or ovarian illness. This test is used for identifying the conditions of the uterus which aren’t seen on a frequent ultrasound. 

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This step involves the identification of levels linked to ovulatory hormones and also pituitary hormones having the efficiency of reproductive procedures.

Cost of Female Fertility Tests and IVF Treatment

The cost of female fertility tests ranges between INR 500 - 5000 and we at Crysta IVF have set the prices economically for everyone. We are also offering world-class IVF treatment at the best and the most competitive prices which on average range from INR 1 Lac to INR 1,80,000 per cycle.

Success rate of female infertility treatments

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The success rate of female infertility treatment depends upon the physiology of women and ranges from 30% to 35%. Conversing about the IVF success rate on an average then it is around 40% in females. Among all other available fertility treatments, IVF is identified to be the most successful treatment that helps to achieve motherhood they have been dreaming of.

Who is at risk of female infertility?

There are several factors which can cause the risk of infertility in females and here are these factors.

A. Hormonal issues

Hormonal issues are quite common among the females but it is important to detect the issues as soon as possible. If the problem is not treated beforehand, further it can lead to causing the issue of ovulation. And, if a woman begins to experience the problem of ovulation then the chances of infertility increases at a high rate. So, it is recommended to visit a gynecologist in Delhi on time

B. Structural problemse

Women who have structural problems may also need to get in touch with fertility specialists. These problems usually involve blockage of fallopian tubes, uterus issues, ovarian cysts and so on. So, females with these issues are at a higher risk of infertility.

C. Sexually transmitted infections

There is no proven risk of fertility drugs leading to long term risks of ovarian tumours. However, infertility and the inability to conceive and or bear children is a significant factor related to an increased risk of ovarian cancer.

If you require any assistance in this regard, Crysta IVF has integrated a team of experienced and talented fertility specialists having years of experience in the field. They not only guide you through the problem and treatment but also make sure that you are satisfied with the medications or treatment they have offered.

Myths around Female Infertility

A. Infertility is a female fault

Fact: As per the research of National institute of health, it is studies that around one-third of infertility cases are caused by male reproductive problems and same with women. It is important to understand that infertility is everyone's problem and not just a women's issue and is just a health condition like any other problem.

B. Woman cannot get pregnant after 35

Fact: This is one myth among others revolving around ages and is quite common. Yes, it is true that the reproductive years in a female begins from the teenage and continues till her 20s but for some women have the chances to achieve pregnancy later in life. One in six females who are 35 and above these days are facing the problem of infertility which means that women above 35 are doing fine when it comes to fertility.

C. Birth pill causes infertility

Fact: There is no way that pills can lead to causing infertility be it positively or negatively and it affects begin to lose as periods will continue within a month after a woman stops taking the pill. If things aren’t back to normal, then it is recommended to get in touch with the gynecologist but that doesn’t mean that she is infertile.

D. Irregular periods mean infertility

Fact: Irregular periods are not uncommon and can occur in women because of exercise routines, stress levels, sleep disruptions etc. All these can lead to making alterations in the hormonal balance which regulates the menstrual cycle. Fertility experts at Crysta IVF recommend that if a woman has concerns about their periods, then it's better to bring this up to her gynecologist as soon as possible. This can be the indication of some other serious illness as well.

E. Health doesn’t impact infertility

Fact: Another common myth revolving around is that health doesn’t impact infertility. It is important to know that looking after your health and living a healthy lifestyle plays an important role when it comes to infertility. One should know their body, and listen to the signals it keeps giving time to time. Females should consider maintaining a healthy weight, taking supplements, refrain from alcohol, and smoking.

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