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At Crysta IVF, accessible from, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our visitors. This Privacy Policy document contains types of information that is collected and recorded by Crysta IVF and how we use it. When you access Crysta IVF’s Privacy Policy, you rely on us for your information. Crysta IVF's Privacy Policy illustrates how and when we collect, utilize, and distribute information when you avail of any service from us or contact us. In our Privacy policy, the terms that we have mentioned like "ours'' or "us" or "we" entirely refer to Crysta IVF. The terms "you" or "users" or "Members" and "your'' refer to our users.

The policy ascertains the approaches we or partners gather, safeguard, use and save your credentials or personal data you elect to share with us. You agree to all our terms of service and conditions by accessing our products and services on any of the dedicated platforms which is inclusive of our website, or other platforms.

If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use, then we request you to not use Website or any of our services. At Crysta IVF, we prioritize your privacy and we care about the ‘Personal Information’ you share with us.

Crysta IVF follows a standard procedure of accessing your information. These are not related to any specific data that is personally identifiable. The function of the information is for examining trends, administering the site, tracking users' movement on the website, and collecting demographic information.

The privacy of our users’ personal data is important to us. Thus, we have updated our Privacy Policy in compliance with GDPR for transparent practices, lawfulness and fairness. Please review and accept our policy Terms before accessing. This displaces any other Privacy Policy you may read hereafter.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

We may modify or revise these Privacy Policy terms as and when required and such modifications shall become effective once we have posted an updated copy to this website and you will be supposed to have agreed to it if you continue to access our Website from that time. If we make any changes, which we consider to be substantial modifications to this Policy, we will notify you through a notice on our Website, over an email, or through some other reliable medium. Regardless of whether you receive the amended notice, you will be bound by any changes made to the Policy and you are dutiful to read and understand any new terms of the Privacy Policy of the Company.

Your privacy is important to us and, as mentioned in this Privacy Policy, we collect and produce a range of data points about you and all the personal data you provide to us. The information we get from you is secured in our secured database and is not freely accessible in several public domains.

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and, in certain circumstances, share your personal information. Please go through our Privacy Policy carefully, and if you have any queries, feel free to contact us. Through the use of the Services you may come across certain data from or links to other sites, we are under no obligation for the privacy policies of other sites. Please consider those sites for their distinct privacy policies and terms of use.

Personal Information we collect

When you share your data with Crysta IVF by creating an account, it will bring together all the required Personal Data to submit and perform the Services you seek. We offer you services as per your requirements. To avail of our services, you will have to provide us with your email address, postal address, name, identification details, and telephone number to set up an account. We may ask you for additional information about the services you choose with us.

Every time you use our website, we gather different types of information you provide and access information about the user linked with the transactions you are performing to complete the task.

Crysta IVF provides different options regarding the data you will provide us. While you access our website and our products and services, you may be required to provide some sort of personal information. This might happen through our website, online chat methods, phone, contact forms, or in-person meetings. Here are explained some of those highlighted information we collect from you:

When you create an account or register with Crysta IVF, the information may include Account Details, Passwords, Contact Details (including mobile number, email address, etc), Location (Address, Pin Code, Timezone, etc), Personality Details - full name, proof of identity (e.g. drivers license, passport), proof of address (e.g. utility bill), Financial Information - credit or debit card details, wire transfer details, payment method details (e.g. VISA, Mastercard, Wallets, Banks), tax numbers:

  • When you contribute on a Community Group or other communication medium; and
  • When you update Crysta IVF Platform with data relevant to the transaction or any other services availed by you.
  • When you submit information or contact form or respond to our call to action button or while accessing any other feature on the Crysta IVF Platform.
  • When you call us and provide your personal information on phone to the executive
  • When you register with Crysta IVF, you will provide us with different information about yourself (such as name, gender, age, birth date, email address, password, place of residence, phone number).
  • You may also opt to provide us with access to your personal information stored by third parties, which include social media platforms (like Google, Facebook, Truecaller, Twitter, etc.).

Allowing us to access third party information may help you maximize your Website experience, and we will take control of any such third-party information in full agreement with this Privacy Policy. The information we have access is managed by your privacy settings and your acceptance. You may (and may not be required to) share your personal information about or allow us to access additional third-party websites or services.

We collect personal information about our users to provide them our services, and customer support. Our extensive services and customer support are offered to you via different platforms including but not limited to: websites, email, and telephone. The individual platform and product, service, or support you communicate with may impact the personal data we get from the users. Finally, we may use the information that you include in emails or other mediums to assist in providing you the Service, we may provide your personal information to the vendors / partners / banks to allow them to offer you the services and we may post that information on the basis of anonymity. Furthermore, the content of any publishing on any one of the forums, community, or other similar publically accessible modules offered by Crysta IVF (including any marketplace or services) becomes the property of Crysta IVF, and may be republished by Crysta IVF and will be made accessible to other people via the internet. In each case, we will collect and manage the information provided by you.

In some situations users may provide us with personal information over platforms that are not in our control; like information coming from social media or other forums. Although the data availed to us by you is governed by this Privacy Policy, the Site by which it was conversed will be governed by Crysta IVF’s own Privacy Policy.

Your payment provider may share information about the payment that we may collect or process. In some conditions, user’s personal data may be collected from public sources. We may collect or process the following information:

  • Contact - email address, phone number
  • Location - Residential Address, billing address, timezone
  • Financial Information - transaction details, payment account details (e.g. bank account details, email address and residence address), wire transfer details
  • User Generated Content - transaction description

Use of Data

Crysta IVF services may contain links to other websites, and content on the Platform may be hosted by other platforms. These sites preserve their policies related to cookies and the collection and use of personal information. You can review these policies yourself. Before providing your personal data through any other platform, we recommend you to analyze the terms of services to use the website and its privacy policy. The information or credentials you share with us are solely used by the Crysta IVF family so that we can offer the best services as requested by you. The personal data that you provide to us is used to complete the requests. We identify and terminate potentially illegal and false acts and other violations of our conditions and agreements. We manage the ease of access and connectivity of Crysta IVF's Services and communications so that you can use the services hassle-freely. We preserve and hold your information to attain our official or regulatory duties for our business requirements. While using the services, if your account gets blocked or deleted, we must take some necessary steps to safeguard your Personal Data and other details. We have the right to use the information for so long as needed to meet the terms with associated laws. We preserve your data and use it as per the Privacy Policy.

Preserving your Personal Information

The data you share with Crysta IVF is secure and safe. The protection of the information is our priority, and we don't share your personal data with anyone. We only share details of the data with 3rd service providers so that the services you have selected shall get processed instantly. The primary reason for sharing your information with 3rd party service providers is that the details of the transaction you provided are adequately analyzed to process the transactions. The personal data of one user varies from another and depends on the Services you are availing of.

Personal information you share with third parties

It is your discretion to allow third party platforms to access your information and the moment you allow us to share your personal information with a third party platform, we will have no control over the third party sites as they have their own privacy policy. You can withdraw your consent to share data with third parties at any time in your account settings. We take necessary measures to ensure compliance of third party access with any relevant laws that might administer processing of your Personal Data. For example, for the EU residents’ Personal Data we take necessary steps to ensure that these third parties are GDPR compliant and have GDPR compliant privacy policies.

Cookie Policy

Crysta IVF uses 'cookies'. We use these cookies to store information including visitors' preferences, and the pages on the platform that the visitor accesses or visits. We use your information to optimize the users' experience by modifying our web page content based on visitors' browser type and/or other information. When you choose to avail of our services, we send "cookies" to your computer or mobile. The terms of these cookies as explained here. The Services use cookies to enhance our service quality, generate recommendations, and make the Services convenient to use for our use. A cookie is a short text file recorded on your hard drive or smart device that recognizes you as a unique user and contains certain data about your specific login session and your Services' use.

  • The changed privacy policy is valid from the day it is published on the Crysta IVF website.
  • If there is any modification in our services, it will also replicate our privacy policy.
  • We will update you about our services' changes by sending a note about the changes on our website. We update our users about the variation via email or other methods of communication.
  • Crysta IVF holds all the rights to modify and update its website content and graphics from time to time. We preserve all the rights to discard anyone's access or limit access to the website to any user or can block their right to use the website from a particular IP address at any time for not abiding by our terms and conditions. We also hold the right to block any IP address anytime without prior intimation.

Data Protection, Privacy & Grievance Support

For any enquiry or a complaint about the how we manage and use your personal information, or to seek to exercise your privacy rights in regards to the personal information we take care about your information, you may contact our Data Protection, Privacy & Grievance Support team as follows:

  • Grievance officer: Dr. Neeta Jain
  • By Email: [email protected]
  • By Mail: Central Square, Bara Hindu Rao, Delhi (India) 110006

Contact us

  • For any questions, you can contact us and get answers to your queries related to our services and terms. If you have any general queries regarding our services or practices, then we at Crysta IVF are ready to assist you in this part.
  • The privacy policy also helped you understand our privacy choices and know more about your data safety. You need to know that we alter our privacy policies, and thus our affordable Payment Solutions offerings may differ by region to region. We have discussed various points in Crysta IVF's privacy policy that help you be aware of the process of our services.

Policy Review & Updates

  • Crysta IVF holds all the rights to review the privacy page regularly, and when required, we may also modify the policy terms at any time. To check our latest policy, that can always be found at - Privacy Policy page. Our team is making continuous efforts to get all the required information related to the privacy policy. You can go through our privacy page to make sure you stay updated with the latest changes in the policy periodically.
  • The Privacy Policy mentioned on this page regularly applies to the Crysta IVF's website.

Disclaimer: As per "Pre-Conception & Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act, 1994", Gender Selection and Determination is strictly prohibited and is a criminal offense. CRYSTA IVF prohibits sex selection or determination and abides by the PCPNDT Act,1994 and Rules and the ART (Regulation) Act, 2021 and Rules. CRYSTA owns and operates state-of-the-art fertility clinics under the brand name “CRYSTA IVF FERTILITY CENTRE” at different locations nationwide. All the fertility services are provided at its registered clinic only by licensed medical professionals.ed at its registered clinic only by licensed medical professionals.

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